NIBCA Honorary Members Luncheon

Last Thursday, a ceremony was held in honor of NIBCA’s newly inducted Honorary Members.
Honorary Members and family were invited to a celebratory lunch at Rockford Country Club.

NIBCA President, Joel Sjostrom and Board Members, Jake Dykstra, Brent Johnson, and Steve Schmeling presented awards and congratulated these new Honorary Members:
Angelo Bruscato, Cardinal Glass Co.
John Fridh, John Fridh & Sons, Inc.
Erick Haglund, Security Building, Inc.
Brad Heinrich, Rockford Structures Construction Co.
William Naretta, McDermaid Roofing & Insulation Co.
William Reitzel, Reitzel Construction Co.
Gerald Rudolph, Rudolph Masonry, Inc.
Joseph Scandroli, Sr., Scandroli Construction Co.
Robert Stroup, Cord Construction Co.
Glen Turpoff, NIBCA

Posthumous Honorary Awards were given to:
Carl Scandroli, Scandroli Construction Co.
Roger Schmeling, Schmeling Construction Co.

NIBCA thanks these members for their dedication and commitment to the Construction Industry.

Front Row:  Gerald Rudolph, William Naretta
Back Row:  Erick Haglund, Joe Scandroli, Sr., Glen Turpoff, John Fridh, Angelo Bruscato
Not pictured:  Brad Heinrich, Bill Reitzel, and Bob Stroup

To see more pictures from the luncheon, go to NIBCA’s Facebook page.